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General Purpose Fuses for UL LV Power Distribution
General Purpose UL lV Fuses Ferraz Shawmut's North American standard power fuse offering covers a complete range of applications and a complete range of circuit protection needs. By opening in less than � cycle under short circuit conditions Amp-Trap� 2000 fuses limit enough current to prevent undue downstream damage and therefore comply with the extra-stringent IEC Type-2 standard. SmartSpot� is the name of our new solid state visual open fuse indicator. Finding an open fuse is faster than ever!

General Purpose Fuses for IEC LV Power Distribution
General Purpose IEC LV Fuses Ferraz Shawmut offers you the benefits of a truly global supplier from the one-stop-shopping advantages of our complete line of European and North-American fuses, holders and accessories. Modulostar�, Lindner� and Blue Dot� are brand names for fuses and fusegear complying respectively to NF, DIN and BS88 standards. Space-saving, modular, modern-day design, reliability are the key words for these lines. To limit drastically short-circuit current and downsize overloads while providing easy installation and complete safety for the operators only one spot: Ferraz Shawmut.

Miniature Fuses for Low Power Electronics
Miniature Fuses for Low Power Electronics Ferraz Shamwut is global leader for fuse-based electrical protection solutions. Miniature fuses are part of the offering. This international range of miniature dimension fuses offers you all the protection you require with convenience fuses essentially glass-type fuses as well as high-breaking capacity and low I2t fuses with ceramic body all within the popular footprint 5x20 and 6.3x32 mm.

Semiconductor (AC) Fuses for Power Electronics
Semiconductor (AC) Fuses for Power Electronics Ferraz Shawmut is well renowned for power electronics fuses. Protistor� is definitely recognized worldwide as the must. Protistor fuses performances are ever unmatched till now. It�s a combination of drastic current limitation, low provided I2t level (a key factor regarding the protection of power semiconductor), reduced power losses. Protistor� line encompasses Form 101 round fuses for North-American market, ferrule-type fuses and square-body PSC fuses especially for large current ratings. This line is supported by world-class design, manufacturing and testing capabilities as well as strong and educational assistance by technicians and experts. Select-A-Fuse/Power Electronics is a program for selecting the appropriate power electronics circuit protection. It's the proof of our comprehensive knowledge in this field.

Protistor Fuses for DC circuits
Protistor Fuses for DC circuits Ferraz Shawmut is the specialist for the interruption of faults under DC conditions. Protect DC circuits is not easy and requires expert knowledge. Protistor� DC fuses (ferrule style as well as square body) are very popular in the traction and drives for DC motors markets. Testing is one key factor in the DC protection. Our DC Protistor� fuses line is supported by our high-power test labs capabilities.

Medium Voltage Fuses for Power Distribution Grids
Medium Voltage Fuses for Power Distribution Grids Ferraz Shawmut is involved in the medium voltage protection from many years. The expertise is centered on the protection of the MV/LV transformer in the power distribution networks with solutions encompassing medium voltage Limitor� fuses for overhead lines protection, oil-tight medium voltage fuses fitting the transformer tank and fault indicators especially the Nortroll� products. Our medium voltage solutions concern also the industrial field with both North-American and European (DIN) standard medium-voltage motor protection fuses. The offering covers also the protection of potential transformers and medium voltage capacitors.

Special Purpose Fuses
Special Purpose Fuses Now matter how specialized your application is. Ferraz Shawmut brings its broad expertise and numerous resources to bear on it. The result is a Special Purpose Fuses line that unfallingly perform to application-specific requirements. A whole gamut of residential fuses, DIN forklift fuses, surge suppression fuses, rotating fuses for power generators, cable protectors, welder protectors, telecom fuses, in-line fuses�

Gear & Fuse Gear for our complete fuse lines
Gear & Fuse Gear for our complete fuse lines Ferraz Shawmut offers the most extensive line of fuses worldwide. This line is matched by our line of fusegear. Amp-Trap� UL-CSA fuses line is supported by UltraSafe� holders line and a complete range of power distribution blocks. For IEC low voltage fuses Modulostar� is a complete and innovative line of holders and disconnectors for ferrule-type fuses, Lindner encompasses numerous solutions of bases, holders, switch-disconnectors for DIN standard fuses, holders also for BS88 standard Blue Dot fuses. Protistor� fuses for power electronics can be mounted in Modulostar� holders and disconnectors when they are of ferrule-type and in IP20 bases when they are of square-body type.

Switches Ferraz Shawmut offers also non-fused and fused switches

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