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JANUARI 2013 BL Series, AFL/AFR Series, BR Series
OCTOBER 2013TA Series, ATS Series, BWC Series, PSAN Series
JULY 2013 � New Line-Up, Best Selling Products, Major Producs
JUNE 2013 � BWC Series, ARM Series, TCN Series, AFS
DECEMBER 2012 � Manufacturing Indonesia 2012
OCTOBER 2012 � Seminar Invitation at Swiss Bel-Hotel
JULI 2012 New Line-up for Heat Sink integrated type SSR - SRH1 Series
APRIL 2012 Undangan Seminar PT Autonics Indonesia & PT Sahabat Mitra Intrabuana
APRIL 2012 Autonics received Gold Tower Industrial Award of the year, etc
APRIL 2012 Surface Temperature Sensor
MARCH 2012New Temp. Contoller Launching - PRD Series
MARCH 2012 Event - New Temp. Controller Launching
JANUARY 2012New Line-up for BGS Refletive type Photoelectric Sensors - BJ Series
JANUARY 2012Best Selling Products
JANUARY 2012Certificate of Premium Authorized Official Agent
DECEMBER2011TK Series, BFC Series - BF5 Series - FD/FT Series, etc
NOVEMBER2011BF5 Series - FD/FT Series - CT Series, etc
SEPTEMBER 2011Touch Switch Type Temperature Controllers TC Series, etc
AUGUST 2011Touch Switch Type Temperature Controllers TC Series, etc.
JUNE 2011Amazing Special Price Down for Indonesia Customer!


Ferraz Shawmut is now Mersen

NOVEMBER 2013 Mersen's Product; Announce New PV String Monitoring
JUNE 2013 Mersen's Product; MPDB Series - Power Distribution Blocks
JUNE 2013 Mersen's Product; The new
JANUARY 2013 Mersen's Product; USG series; SPD STT4X 2013
NOVEMBER 2012 Mersen's Product; USG; Global News 2012
NOVEMBER 2012 Mersen's Product; PIQ; Global News 2012
OCTOBER 2012 Mersen's Product; Global News 2012
SEPTEMBER 2012 � Seminar Mersen & PT. Sahabat Mitra Intrabuana
JUNE 2012 � Manufacturing Surabaya 2012
APRIL 2012Are you up to date on the new 2012 NFPA 70E Standard?
NOVEMBER 2011Ferraz Shawmut to Mersen Packaging Transition
OCTOBER 2011 � Mersen Messenger - USBB Ultra SafeBus Bar System
AUGUST 2011 Mersen Messenger - New Arc Flash Hazards PIQ Quiz & More
AUGUST 2011 News from Mersen - New Online Tools, PV Tech Topics & More


JULY 2014 �  The New 2014/2015 General Catalogue of Palazzoli 
JULY 2012 �  Seminar Palazzoli S.p.A & PT Putra Andalan Sakti - PT Sahabat Mitra Intrabuana
JUNE 2012 Manufacturing Surabaya 2012
MEI 2012 �  Undangan Seminar Palazzoli S.p.A & PT Sahabat Mitra Intrabuana
NOVEMBER 2011 � Manufacturing Indonesia 2011



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