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Installation System

Service Sector: hypermarkets, motorway service stations, hospitals, kitchen, laboratories, trade fairs, schools, cinemas, theatres, airports etc.

Industry: woodworks, steelworks, foundries, mines, rolling mills etc.

Outdoor Area: camp sites, tunnels, viaducts, construction building sites, bridges, marketareas, quarries, harbours, golf course, parks etc.

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System for Marine Use

Aboard Ship: external bridges, walkways, meeting & entertainment areas, engine rooms, kitchen & laundries, auxiliary & technical machine rooms, garages, workshop etc.

Ashore: docks, harbour quays, container handling, dock warehouses, costal zones etc.

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Atex System

Here you find equipment for deports, chemical and petrochemical industries, animal & cattle farms, oil rigs, painting departments, silos for cereals, pharmaceutical industries, woodworks, food agriculture industries, oil refineries, agricultural and livestock structures, battery recharging zones, alcohol distilleries, power stations perfume production, large kitchen, confectioners, bakeries etc.

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Components for Distribution Boards

Service Sector: production of automation panels on board machines, directly installed on electrical equipment such as welders, electricity generators, water jet cleaners, electric household appliances etc.

Light & Heavy Industry: for local control and sectioning of user appliances such as, for example, pumps extractor fans, mills, compressors and in general, wherever there are heavy loads frequently used, in industrial factories, rolling mills, train locomotives, port areas,airports, refrigerator cells quarries, steelworks, foundries, mines etc. For emergency systems & environments at high risk in case of fire.

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